Aeolis Collection SS22

The Greeks worshiped the winds who gave sail to their ships, creating an empire for them. They named their master Aeolus and imagined him holding safe in a beautiful and strong sack. The same god of the winds now lends his aethereal prowess to a diverse collection of fine and feather light resort wear dresses, cover ups, twin sets and beachwear that is inspired by the natural elements, sporting exquisite patterns that reflect the ageless wonder of Minoan mosaics and Cycladic art, lovingly handcrafted in our trademark flowing silk tulle.

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Dryads Collection Resort22

They came out of the woods, beautiful, mysterious, and immortal: The wood nymphs were named Dryads by the Greeks who revered and feared them as they imagined them wandering around the forests and the glades along with Olympian gods, dazzling them with their beauty, seducing them in magical grottos. Their irresistible glamour is now captured in our new collection featuring a rich selection of dresses, cover ups, shorts, blouses, pants and accessories of lush earthly colors and timeless patterns, drawing inspiration from the effortless luxury of the classical pleated Grecian dresses and the richness of the Mediterranean landscape. All our designs are lovingly handcrafted using the finest materials including our trademark silk tulle.

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Pre Spring 21

Caryatid Collection SS21

Caryatid, the new resort Collection by Elena Makri Mykonos draws its inspiration from the iconic figures of the Caryatids, the exquisitely carved statues holding up the ancient temple of the Erechtheum in Acropolis, Athens. Fiercely beautiful, the Caryatids all wear garments with pleats meticulously carved in the marble they were created from,  their unique elegance transcending the aeons, now inspiring  the creation of a line of finely pleated short and long dresses, shirts and cover ups, handcrafted in the most ethereal silk tulle, with a unique high fashion design that echoes the timeless aesthetic and craftsmanship of Classic Grecian style.

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Oceanides Line SS20

Heliades Collection HS20

This collection pays tribute to the Heliades, the daughters of Helios, the god of sun. The radiance of the world of goddesses and nymphs bring together our trademark ethereal designs with iridescent fabrics..

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Nereids Collection SS20

This collection pays tribute to the nereids, the alluring daughters of the sea god Nereus and their draped silhouettes, floating as if floating underwater.

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Knossos Line SS20

Andromeda Collection PS19

The myth of beautiful Andromeda inspires a new collection of comfortable and luxurious resort wear and accessories with timeless aquatic sea life inspired prints and Minoan mosaics motifs..

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Chloris Collection Resort19

According to the Ancient Greek Mythology, Chloris was a Nymph who was associated with spring, flowers and new growth, believed to have dwelt in the Elysian Fields. Legend had it that her lips breathed spring roses when she spoke. Her ethereal springtime aura was the inspiration for this new resort collection of delicate floral prints and pastel colors.

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Artemis Collection SS19

Artemis, the daughter of Zeus and Leto, twin sister of Apollo, was born on the island of Delos. The goddess of the hunt and of the forest, she was considered a style icon wearing short draped silk dresses so she could hunt. Her ethereal and vigorous aura inspires our new collection of resort wear dresses, blouses, skirts, pants and cover-ups made from the finest silk tulle.

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Artemis Collection SS18

The goddess of the hunt, forests and hills, the moon, and archery, Artemis was also a style icon of Greek mythology. An inspiration for this new collection, Artemis was usually depicted wearing short draped silk dresses and a cross checked belt creating a timeless look that transpires in our new collection of 100% silk tulle draped dresses, cover ups and twin sets.

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